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About T O M - Temple Of Miracles

Temple of Miracles – Koramangala” with Elegua as reigning deity has been setup as a community temple for all to come pray and light a candle to overcome their situation or take guidance and blessings while stuck at crossroads of life.   

Run by SHEELAA M BAJAJ – Best Numerologist and Ceremonial Magic Priestess in India.

Temple of Miracles – Koramangala” with Elegua as reigning deity has been manifesting numerous miracles for the visitors of the temple.  Ranging from sudden marriage, legal victory, unexpected jackpots in business, becoming debt free, admission to top schools/colleges to removal of dark energies the list is endless. 

All one has to do is light a candle for blessings at the temple or petition for a wish to be fulfilled as per the Santeria tradition which has been practiced since the time of the Pharaohs of Egypt. 

100’s of documented miracles have been experienced by visitors of the temple of Miracles (TOM) – Koramangala.

Temples of Miracles is dedicated to Elegua, the lord of the crossroads.  His divinity is compassionate, warrior like energy, expects kindness, discipline,  truth and integrity, which he will test before granting one’s their desire.

Elegua has keys to the past, present, and future; speaks all languages known to man, Thus not easy to follow this spiritual path, but if one can the blessings and grace is bountiful.

About Priestess: 

Would you like to experience a miracle?

Sheelaa M Bajaj, ceremonial magic priestess, celebrity numerologist, serial entrepreneur and author believes in magic and miracles, which you too can experience in all walks of life. 

One of the country’s most-sought after ceremonial magic priestess, Sheelaa believes in the divine dichotomy that anything can be achieved by embracing magic on the outside and simultaneously unleashing the magic from within.

Sheelaa, has guided innumerable people realize their full potential by rooting out the problem at the source and envision the life they have always wanted using varied practices; road opener, love, jobs& career, money rituals through TV, radio, podcasts and personal consultation, readings or divination.


History of Elegua, the deity

  •  Elegua (Yoruba: Èṣù-Ẹlẹ́gbára, also spelled Eleggua; known as Eleguá in Latin America) is an Orisha, a
    deity of roads in the religions of Santeria, Umbanda, Quimbanda, Candomblé and in Palo Mayombe.
    He is syncretized with either Saint Michael, Saint Anthony of Padua, or the Holy Child of Atocha.
  • In Africa 
  • Elegua is known as Èṣù-Ẹlẹ́gbára in the Yoruba religion and is closely associated
    with Eshu. Ẹlẹ́gbára means the “master of force” in the Yoruba language.
  • Santeria
  • Eleguá is known in Cuba and Puerto Rico as the orisha and “owner” of caminos, or roads and paths. All
    ceremonies and rituals in Santeria must first have the approval of Eleguá before progressing. He is the
    messenger of Olofi. Within the “Regla de Ocha”[Cuba], he slightly differs from Echu, who in this case is
    seen as his brother, by having less dangerous and less aggressive characteristics. Eleguá moves silently;
    in contrast, Echu “breaks through”. Manifestations of Eleguá includes Akefun, Aleshujade, Arabobo,
    Awanjonu, Lalafán, Obasín, Oparicocha, and Osokere.
  • There is a pataki (story) in Santeria in which Olodumare gives Eleguá the keys to the past, present, and
    future; for this reason, Eleguá is often depicted holding a set of keys. A figure of Eleguá may be placed
    in the house behind the entrance door.
  • In Brazil
  • In Afro-Brazilian religion Elegbara is one of the titles of Exu.


Temple of Miracles – T O M Evantha Pinecrest Unit 101, first floor No 372, 1st Cross, 8th A main, 4th block, Koramangala, Bengalore

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